Why should space creatures consider Earth?

Why should space creatures consider Earth?

Maybe most people answer this question because of the invaluable resources

But valuable resources like gold and diamond are rare and expensive on the Earth, and for space creatures who have the power to reach Earth, such resources are abundantly available in other galaxies

You may say water, but it is also a simple compound in chemistry that extraterrestrials with high technology will be able to produce or even get from their surroundings.

The same can be said of oxygen.

Hence why should we be afraid of space being recognized by space extraterrestrials?

The problem is that we should be afraid, not the Earth!

Living organisms with this level of progress or with this ecosystem can be highly appealing, especially to those with a lower technological level than themselves!!!

Think about it: if we discover creatures similar to forest animals or people on another planet, but with the advancement of the medieval years, we will be delighted since we will be able to control and exploit them, as well as to conduct numerous experiments. (As we do for mice and rabbits to advance) without a huge population becoming aware of them or reacting

We could be experimental mice with a high intelligence level for extraterrestrials.

For Testing pandemic diseases and war …

One of these tests could be Covid 19 illness.

They can take several human couples to their planet for exhibition (just as we separate animals from their habitat and deliver them to the zoo).

Plant seeds could also be important

Because plants are also among the rarest creatures in our galaxy

Their environment for growth could not easily be found anywhere in the galaxy.

Of course, they could have quietly extracted plenty of seeds so far!!!

We can be optimistic that aliens may have added protected areas among their classes to maintain these ancient and unique creatures alive naturally.

Have you ever thought about this topic?

It can be so much entertaining and amazing

Writer : Alireza Hezareh

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