Anna – Part One – Alone

Anna – Part One – Alone


Part One – Alone

she always saw his father in her dreams

The day he disappeared, she was very little

Too little to remember anything

she saw a scene over and over again in her dreams

the scene in which father leaved her in the wardrobe

darling stay here for a few minutes, do not go anywhere, I will come back for you

And the lights that flickered

Father looked very frightened 

And soaking with sweat

He closed the wardrobe door while panting for breath

A raucous laughter is heard and then there is a moment of absolute silence

The girl who was lonely

At the orphanage she was always told that her father had abandoned her

But Anna never believed that

Now she was a little older than thirteen

And she missed her parents more than ever before

She had become oversensitive due to being deprived of parental love and affection

To be continued…

By Alireza Hezareh

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