The Last Human

The Last Human

Gently, he was walking towards the stairs.


The lights kept blinking one after another.

But, they were after him.

He was the last.

He was panting.

The door broke behind him.

He was not looking back, but started moving fast.

He took the stairs two at a time.

No sound of footsteps from behind.

A dreadful laughter filled up the stairs.

From the top,

the stairs,

the lights, all were plunging into complete darkness.

Blackness filled up under his feet as well.

Something same as fog but dark.

He couldn’t see his knees any longer let alone the stairs.

He was panting, all in sweat.

Trying to walk faster and faster, but there was no end to the steps.

He slipped off the edge of a step and fell to the ground.

He intended to stand up, but the darkness embraced him.

Writer : Alireza Hezareh

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