Simorgh coterie – Part II – Darkness

Simorgh coterie – Part II – Darkness

Simorgh coterie 

Part II – Darkness

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(Note: the present horror fiction is not recommended for anyone under 15 years of age)

firmly holding his sword with both hands, he strode through the trees in the pitch dark night

The glow of his sword barely illuminated one meter ahead

He moved forward by instinct, and was prepared to brandish his sword

The moon in the sky was covered in blood, the trees pointed to the stranger with their branches and found his presence really off-putting

They were trembling, and soon huge quantities of leaves started to fall on the ground

Sherwin sensed movements around him but could not hear anything

everything around him was surrounded by sheer darkness

He did not know when he had trodden on this place, neither could he believe that such a place existed in charted lands.

maybe …

maybe he had been carried from the terrestrial borders into this uncharted land while he was unconscious

It was impossible, because it would take months

A quick dash on his right side distracted him

He was not the type who would, when frightened, brandish their sword in all directions

He was calm and highly focused, otherwise he would not have been able to join the coterie

He tuned the rhythm of his breath and shifted all his energy on his eyes and ears

Now he could better hear the sounds and see his surroundings

It was clear that he was surrounded by a magical spell and not by darkness of the night

A powerful spell that was barely affected by the Syria sword

suddenly, two symmetrical doors a few meters ahead of him opened to the sky

The doorway was the only bright spot within the radius of hundreds of miles

Sherwin cautiously approached the bright doorway

Soon he caught glimpse of stairs that went tens of meters underground and a red light that illuminated the corridor

He glanced at his surroundings that was already engulfed by darkness

He had no choice but to face up to this fate

He descended the stairs and entered the corridor, suddenly the doors were closed behind him and he turned back quickly only to find that the doorway has vanished into thin air and soil is the only element that distinguished the path ahead of him

He moved on along the path

After descending the stair for hours, he reached a gate

The gate was made of iron, a useless metal that was widely used in humans’ world only to keep off other humans and animals

Sherwin grabbed his sword and drove it into the top middle fragment of the gate, splitting it from top to bottom like a piece of cheese.

Pushing the iron sheets sideways, he opened his way into the doorway

Now he found himself in a hall with walls decorated with triangular red bricks

Maybe the red light made the bricks look like that

Suddenly he caught sight of a man standing a few meter ahead facing away from him. He had already lit weird candles that gave off a blue color

He was muttering something strange and incomprehensible

– it takes a great deal of power to cast the dream spell on a member of the coterie , now I am here, tell me what you want.

Stranger did not utter anything in response

Thrusting his sword into the ground, he slowly approached the stranger from the left side

But it seemed that the room was spinning under the influence of a force that cast Sherwin back to his place.

– common, let’s finish this game, I’m sure you did not bring me here for fun. you are not a monster because few breeds have the power to appear in human shape, and not even one of them can be found outside Solarian. you can’t be a high-ranking member of the coterie  either. so, you could only be a Darren and Lauren, because they are the only breeds with the ability to cast spells, the dream spell has been prohibited by the coterie , and by casting this spell you have put at stake your entire breed.

Suddenly the stranger burst into laughter and turned around

He was a portly old man with clearly visible gray eyes

He was a human, for Darrens and Laurens have red eyes

– It is not possible. You are a human being, and human beings cannot cast spells, this is impossible, are you trying to imply that there are magicians with extraordinary powers enabling them to find a way into others’ dreams, no, this is impossible

– You forgot to bow down

With a single snap of fingers, the old man brought Sherwing down on his knees, giving him no choice to withstand it.

– good.  five hundred years ago the high-ranking members of the coterie  and the supreme wizards betrayed my father and killed him in his privacy so that the coterie  could seize control over the entire territory.

– The coterie  has been created to save the lives of all races on this land. It seeks a pure goal, so you’d better stop trying to tarnish its reputation with such inanities.

I do not have the patience to listen to your nonsense. So let me get to the point.  I am son of the old king Gradis, the one who cleansed this land off the monsters and created the book of Ara. The one who was betrayed and killed by those who had been saved by him. Now I am here to avenge my father and retrieve the power that belongs to me, I need friends. the coterie  has manipulated the history of this land and now no one knows me. I need friends and you are from the Gards generation; those who swore to protect the king and his family

No, the Gard generation is just a myth and according to the evidences of King Gradis had no magical powers, he was killed by a ghost. this is recorded in the history book of the coterie , which has been authored by unique history professors

– These are the biggest lies about the history of my country. Just think about it. Do those unique professors happen to be heads of the coterie , I will meet with you soon and you will follow my orders

Darkness began to swallow everything around it soon everything was engulfed by darkness

Sherwin was plunged into the darkness and woke up suddenly

He found himself lying on a stone bed in a room made of stone.  his wounds had healed up and his body was soaked in sweat.

To be continued

By: Alireza Hezareh

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